We are a volume dealer and we have our own delivery company, so it really cuts down our cost.  We like to be straight forward when it comes to our pricing.  We are willing to spend a little bit more on deliveries to keep our pricing the same throughout Texas.

The lenders will decide how much down payment you need. We have lenders that work with all credit types.  Down payments start at 0% and go up from there, but many lenders offer little down payments on less than perfect credit.  We will explain everything to you when you are filling out the application.

Yes, as long as you are the current land owner, or the current land owner is willing to gift you the property, you can use that as your down payment.

Yes, we can roll the land, home, and improvements into one loan.  First, you pick out a home and fill out an application.  We will get you approved on an amount we both agree will cover your TBD land, home, and improvements. Once you have an approval we will help you find the property.  After you find the property the land seller will typically ask for an earnest money deposit and a copy of your approval letter. Remember, he will not get paid until the loan closes, but he is taking it off the market to give you time for your loan to process.  Once we have found the land we will get a contractor to meet you at the property to discuss the improvements needed to get your home out there.  We wrap everything into one loan and get you closed!  The process typically takes 90-120 days, but conventional loans can be much faster than this!

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